Hours Of Operation

*We are taking drop off’s and pick up’s by appointment, please call or text 1 hour before*

Monday-Friday 8am – 6pm

Saturday 8am-noon

Sunday 4pm-7pm

Holiday Monday’s 4pm-7pm

**Any pick up outside regular hours is subject to $200 additional charge**

What to Bring

Personal Items: Most pets find it comforting to have an item from home such as a blanket. Please note that we are not responsible for items being destroyed by chewing etc.

Food: We recommend you bring your dog’s regular food in a sealed plastic container with the dog’s name, feeding amount and any special instructions. Additional treats for your dog are also welcome, after all who doesn’t like a special treat!?

*We have a fridge and freezer available for food storage for any special foods needing refrigeration*


Things To Know


Vet Information: Please don’t forget your shot records! This information needs to be updated once a year. Pets will not be accepted without proof of vaccination. We recommend that you have your dog de-wormed and preventative treatment for fleas, ticks and lice at your veterinary clinic. 

Leash and Collar: Please make sure when you arrive at the Kennel you bring your dog in on a leash. We take any choke chains off for boarding and return your leash when you pick up your pet. 

Emergency Contact: Should your pet require veterinary treatment, we need a phone number where you can be reached or an emergency contact person who can make a decision on your behalf. Charges incurred will be at the owners expense for any medical attention. 

Someone Else Picking Up Your Pet? Your pet will not be released to anyone other than the registered owner. The kennel must receive notice by the owner if an alternate person is picking up your pet.